Departure of Kashmiri Pandits: ‘Silent-majority’ dead silent, we condemn them, says Lt Gen Kanwal Jeet Singh

Lt Gen Kanwal Jeet Singh has questioned the silence of those who refuse to condemn the atroicities perpetrated on Kashmiri pandits in the valley which forced them to depart from Kashmir. With the departure of Kashmiri pandits from the Valley, a portion of the soul of Kashmir left and the spirit of Kashmiriyat was crushed, said Lieutenant General Kanwal Jeet Singh.

Speaking at an event Lieutenant General Kanwal Jeet Singh said, “In any conflict or any disagreement in any area, where ideas do not match, there is the percentage of the population which has acted against and another percentage which acts against the population. They are in single digit. A single-digit population are prosecuted. The single-digit population has been conducting the atrocities. Now, the 85-90 percent so-called silent majority, where are they?” “Where were they on January 19, 1990? Where were they in 2010? Where were they in 2016? And, where were they in the month of October 2021? They are silent majority; otherwise, they are very loud at times. We condemn them. But where were they in the history of Kashmir? Who suffered? The Kashmiri Pandits were made to leave that state. It is not the Kashmiri Pundits who left. A portion of the soul of Kashmir left.”

(With ANI inputs)

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