Disturbing video shows girl left ‘frozen’ after allegedly having spiked drink at nightclub

A shocking video of a girl showing in a frozen state after allegedly having a spiked drink at a nightclub has gone viral on social media.

The incident reportedly took place at Moo Moo nightclub in Southend when she was out with her friends.

The video was shared by the mother of the teenager in August 2021. The woman claimed that her daughter appeared to be frozen after a stranger gave her a spiked drink.

In the viral clip, 18-year-old Millie Taplin is unable to move her facial muscles and hands as she lies on a hospital bed. Reportedly, she was not able to walk for hours and started feeling unwell since then a night out.

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According to Taplin’s mother Claire, she was rushed to the hospital, doctors found out she was given two different kinds of drugs, one of which left her paralyzed.

Claire said she shared the video online so that it will spread awareness and would help other women suffering from such a thing.

Taplin’s mother told The Mirror, “As disturbing as it is if that saves one girl, just one, then it’s worth sharing. Nothing can prepare you to see that. It’s just absolutely horrendous. She looked possessed.”

Claire further said that she was having no idea about who has given her what as she has never seen anything like this in her entire life.

She said that Millie was completely frozen and her hands had become like ‘claws’.

“I had a couple of sips of the drink and went to the smoking area. I came back and felt like I’d drunk too much, and then I went outside to be sick,” said Millie.

When Millie lost control of her hands and legs, her friends called her elder sister and took her to a hospital.

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