Eriksen can’t play in Italy, Inter open for possible move abroad

Inter are open to sell Christian Eriksen to a country where he can play, as the Denmark international is ‘temporarily inhibited’ by the medical authority in Italy.

The Nerazzurri have explained the situation of the Denmark international, who collapsed during the EURO 2020 match against Finland this summer.

Eriksen has defibrillator implanted, but Serie A career is in danger

After suffering a cardiac arrest during the game at Parken Stadium, Eriksen had a heart defibrillator implanted and his career in Serie A could be over if the ICD is permanent.

Inter published a statement to explain that they are open to let the player leave San Siro, as the former Tottenham playmaker can’t be registered for 2020-21.

“With reference to the registration rights of the player Eriksen,” the club wrote in a statement. “it should be noted that following a serious injury which occurred during the European Championship in June 2021, the player has been temporarily inhibited by the Italian medical authority from sporting activity in the current season.

“Although the current conditions of the player don’t meet the requirements of achieving sporting fitness in Italy, the same could instead be achieved in other countries where the player could resume competitive activity.”

The Nerazzurri has not closed the door on a possible sale, assuming he will be able to obtain the green light to resume activity in another country.

Inter confirmed they could consider to ‘proceed with the sale of the player to a foreign team where the current conditions don’t exclude the possibility of obtaining eligibility’.

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