Fans all saying the same thing that Rose will WIN series as Halloween dances REVEALED

Rylan grills AJ & Kai (continued…)

Bursting into laughter, the couple didn’t confirm or deny any romance going on, with Kai instead tactically responding with discussion on the choreography. 

“We said this right, and I said this to you, I said if people react like this, then it means we’re doing something right, because that’s the way the dance should be danced,” he explained. 

“Leandro Maria choreographed it this way, it was a very passionate song, a real fiery piece, and very intimate, and that’s what we wanted, and that is the characterisation of the Argentine Tango. 

Keeping an arm tight around AJ, he continued: “So if people want to think that, then great, but we’re just doing our job and she did a great job.” 

Rylan also shrugged off the speculation, taking their side and declaring: “Just doing their job, alright? Stop it, leave them alone!

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