Halton cops seeking lost rifle in Acton

The Remington Model 783 rifle was reportedly fell off the back of a truck

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Police west of the city want residents to keep their eyes peeled for a rifle that fell off the back of a truck Monday in Acton.

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Halton police say the firearm — a bolt-action Remington Model 783 inside a camouflage case — was inadvertently left on the rear cover of a pick-up truck and apparently fell off as the owner drove around town, sometime between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m.

The firearm’s owner reportedly drove along Poplar Ave. to Maria St., turned left onto Church St. to Main St. and headed north to Wallace St. and onto McDonald Blvd., eventually turning on to Churchill Rd. N. and on to 32nd Side Road.

The owner notified police as soon as he realized the firearm was missing.

Officers searched the owner’s route but say they were unable to locate the rifle.

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The rifle was unloaded and the case did not contain any ammunition.

Anybody who locates the lost rifle is asked not to handle it and call 911.

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