Jinnah vs Ganna politics will not help BJP in Uttar Pradesh: CPI’s D Raja

Communist Party of India (CPI) general secretary D Raja slammed Bharatiya Janata Party national president JP Nadda for his comment ‘Jinnah is theirs, Ganna is ours’, and said Jinnah vs Ganna will not help the party win the upcoming assembly election in Uttar Pradesh.

Speaking to ANI, D Raja said, “This shows the height of desperation. The way BJP has been so restless and panicked about the outcome of the forthcoming UP elections is because the popular mood is opposed to the BJP despite the talks of Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s double engine government.”

Raja further alleged that the BJP is trying to polarise the election in the name of Jinnah.

“People are well aware of what is happening in the state of Uttar Pradesh and now they want to polarise people in the name of Jinnah Vs Ganna,” he said.

The CPI General Secretary said that the people in the state are determined to defeat the ruling BJP in the upcoming assembly election.

“Indian people know what is the role of Jinnah and what is the plight of sugarcane farmers in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This Jinnah vs Ganna and Ganna vs Jinnah will not help BJP. The people are determined to defeat BJP in the state of Uttar Pradesh,” Raja said.

In Meerut on Saturday, claiming that his party’s government in Uttar Pradesh made a record payment to sugarcane farmers, Nadda attacked the Opposition, saying “Jinnah is theirs and ‘ganna’ is ours”.


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