Katie Price leaves fans FURIOUS after trip to Belgium for more surgery

KATIE Price has outraged social media after news was shared that she flew out to Belgium for cosmetic surgery.

The former model is expected in court for a drink driving offence and furious Twitter users believe she’s taking the situation too lightly.

Katie was spotted with partner Carl Woods driving to Belgium for more surgery


Katie was spotted with partner Carl Woods driving to Belgium for more surgeryCredit: Getty

Four months after having full body liposuction, liposuction under her chin, eye and lip lifts and a Brazilian butt lift in Turkey, Katie, despite being in legal trouble decided to go back under the knife.

The former glamour model pleaded guilty to drink driving, driving whilst disqualified and driving without insurance.

Katie will be back in court on December 15, 2021, to receive sentencing.

However, social media users believe Katie is expecting a lenient sentence as she was spotted in Belgium with partner Carl Woods where she allegedly underwent her 13th boob job.

Not only has a source revealed the star underwent breast surgery, it is also alleged she received more liposuction and removed the fat from her bum after just four months of having the procedure done.

A post from The Sun on Twitter sharing the news saw users react with absolute disapproval and irritation.

One person tweeted, “She’s hoping that’s a way out of going to prison [I’m recovering from surgery]”.

Another asked, “Who’s paying for all this? I thought she was bankrupt?”

The mother of five, 43, admitted to flipping her BMW on its side near her home in West Sussex in September 2021.

After 26 days of the news going public, Katie finally apologised to the public and took responsibility.

Katie has had a total of 13 boob jobs and several other procedures


Katie has had a total of 13 boob jobs and several other proceduresCredit: CHRIS HARRIS MEDIA

Katie, who was believed to have been on her way to ‘buy more drugs’ at the time of the crash, will be sentenced at Crawley Magistrates’ Court on December 15, 2021.

Friends of Katie have spoken out and shared, ““She is happily planning Christmas. All of her plans for next year are intact. Some of those close to her are worried she is in denial about the situation she is in. When she is asked, her response is that she has been to The Priory, and they will let her off because her family — Amy and Harvey — need her.”

It has also been shared how despite her legal trouble, she still has plans to have a ‘fresh start’ in Las Vegas in early 2022.

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