Maison des Noix, the one-stop shop for 100% organic nut butter, launches this week

Have you ever lamented over the lack of cashew butter readily available in Japan? Even almond butter, which in the U.S. has almost surpassed peanut butter in popularity and sales in recent years, is not so common on store shelves here. Well, nut butter fans, fret no more, there’s a new one-stop shop for all your nut butter needs. Maison des Noix, launching this week, offers an extensive lineup of high quality nut butters that are all EU and JAS certified organic.


Maison des Noix (meaning “house of nuts” in French) is an organic nut butter brand created by Maybell Japan Co Ltd, a Tokyo-based importer and distributor of organic and fine foods. “We specialize in bringing natural and organic products from around the world that we feel there is a need for in Japan,” says CEO Maki Yasuda. “I love almond butter, and I want it to be 100% almond without anything added, and preferably organic. I couldn’t really find it here. And further, I noticed that most Japanese people only know peanut butter, and haven’t even heard of other nut butters out there, when in fact there’s so many more different kinds in the world.”


Apple slices and almond butter, a delicious healthy snack

Maison des Noix is manufactured in Bulgaria with EU Organic certification, which has equivalency with the JAS Organic certification of Japan. The ingredients for the nut butters are sourced mainly from all around Europe and some from Africa, and made into nut butters without anything added; no sugar, oils, or additives. Maison des Noix also has several products made of dates, the sweet dry fruit that is reputed to be a “superfood” packed with nutrition and health benefits.

An online shop for Maison des Noix is due to open in mid-December, but there will first be a launch campaign on the crowdfunding platform Campfire starting Thursday until Nov 28. The campaign will allow people to pre-order products for delivery in early December. Maison des Noix products will be offered in special sets, some of which will also feature collaboration items, namely pistachio cake and other confectionery created especially for this launch campaign by patissier Sohtaroh Ono.


Pistachio cake created by patissier Sohtaroh Ono, with a jar of Maison des Noix pistachio butter

Maison des Noix is initially offering a lineup of seven products: peanut, almond, cashew, pumpkin seed, and pistachio butter, and also date syrup, and “Date Cream with Hazelnut,” which is a smooth spread that is a mix of date syrup, hazelnut butter and some cacao.


Maison des Noix’s “Date Cream and Hazelnut” is good on toast, waffles, pancakes and more.

Maybell Japan aims to have Maison des Noix in retail shops within the year, and says that several major retailers have already expressed interest. The company also plans to start distribution in the restaurant and food industry next year, where nut butters are frequently used for making confectionery and ice cream. The popularity of pistachio in recent years has led to a growth of pistachio offerings at bakeries and confectionery shops, but most businesses use conventional ingredients that are not organic, says Maybell. The company hopes that Maison des Noix will become synonymous with organic nut butters in Japan, and that more people and businesses will see the difference that organic makes, both in terms of quality and benefit for the environment.

Maison des Noix campaign on Campfire


Period: Oct 28 (Thu) ~ Nov 28 (Sun)

Instagram: @maisondesnoix_jp 

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