Maya Jama & Ben Simmons Wimbledon PDA ‘for show’ says expert while Rochelle & Marvin Humes are a ‘love match’

THE ball is in your court when making a bet on which celebrity couple will pack on the most PDA when they are out and about. 

And this year at Wimbledon many A-Lister couples have been ready to prove their love for one another as they get papped watching the matches. 

We ask body language expert Judi James to tell us what she thinks of the celeb PDAs


We ask body language expert Judi James to tell us what she thinks of the celeb PDAsCredit: i-Images

American comedian and actor Pete Davidson, 27, and Bridgerton actress Phoebe Dynevor, 26, made their first public appearance on courtside together last Saturday in London. 

They were photographed cozying up while taking in Roger Federer’s match from the Lanson suite at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

And television presenter Maya Jama, 26, confirmed her relationship with Kendall Jenner’s ex and American basketball player Ben Simmons, 24, this week. 

Here, body language expert Judi James takes a look at other celebrity couples who packed on the courtside PDA and gives an insight into how strong of a couple they really are. 



Pete and Phoebe packed on the PDA to officially confirm their relationship


Pete and Phoebe packed on the PDA to officially confirm their relationshipCredit: Paul Edwards

A-LISTERS trophy male Pete and Bridgerton beauty Phoebe look too immersed in their PDAs to catch any on-court action here. 

Judi says: “While Pete grins happily it is Phoebe doing the nuzzling, cheek-kissing and flirty smiles though, suggesting she finds Pete’s face more fascinating than any tennis.

“Phoebe’s not just showing the love with this smitten display she’s also marking her territory publicly, especially with that possessive-looking hand around Pete’s neck.

“The gesture of ownership and the intense bouts of eye-contact signal ‘He’s mine’.”


Jack Whitehall shared some sweet nothings with his girlfriend Roxy


Jack Whitehall shared some sweet nothings with his girlfriend RoxyCredit: PA

COMEDIAN Jack Whitehall, 33, and Essex-born Roxy met each other in Australia before they ended up isolating together in London last year and have been going strong ever since. 

Judi says: “Jack clearly finds Roxy’s earlobe way more interesting than any on-court action here, as he chews away like a guy keen to distract her from the match in what looks like a hint of attention-seeking insecurity.

“Her closed-lip smile suggests she’s loving the public signals of adoration but that her eyes aren’t budging from the match.

“However, the ‘what’s more important to you, me or the sport?’ is never a good relationship ultimatum and this ploy might just backfire on Jack if England gets into the Euro final and Roxy decides to get her revenge.”


Rochelle and Marvin Humes look stronger than ever at Wimbledon


Rochelle and Marvin Humes look stronger than ever at WimbledonCredit: Getty

FORMER Saturdays singer Rochelle, 32, and her hubby Marvin Humes, 36, have been going strong since 2010, and now three gorgeous kids of their own. 

Judi says: “Despite just having their third child, you can see that Rochelle and Marvin are still working on making each other happy by going out on dates when they can.

“Here they still take time to use intimate, loving eye contact and some romantic-looking nestling rituals.

“The look of love is all over their PDAs here, from those shared, mirrored and noisy-looking excitement signals during the game to their ‘bookends’ eye contact and their nurturing-style head closeness and softened facial expressions during quieter moments.”


Kady McDermott and Matty Cash are fresh into romance with each other


Kady McDermott and Matty Cash are fresh into romance with each otherCredit: BackGrid

LOVE Island’s Kady McDermott, 25, is dating Aston Villa footballer Matty Cash, 23, and the pair have recently confirmed their relationship with a few outings. 

Judi says: “This looks like a no-touch zone from Kady and Matty who look to be taking their social distancing seriously here. Are they even dating?

“The way Matty has stuffed his hands in his pockets and slung that jumper around his neck and applied a smug smile to camera suggests he might prefer a solo stroll in front of the press, while Kady’s chest-touch and the way she’s carrying her bag between them in a barrier suggest she’s not sure of their status either.

“Incongruent signals suggest this relationship might not have gotten into any mutually-agreed stages yet.”


Romeo BEckham and Mia Regan went on a date this week to watch the tennis


Romeo BEckham and Mia Regan went on a date this week to watch the tennisCredit: Paul Edwards / The Sun

THEY might have been dating for two years but Romeo Beckham, 18, and Mia Regan, 18, still manage to pack on the PDA. 

Judi says: “They send off first date vibes here with their sweet smiles and rather polite style of sitting together.

“Her hand elegantly clasps her drink and his jacket piled onto his lap in a barrier ritual.

“He looks like he might perform the first date ‘yawn and stretch the arm around the back of her chair’ maneuver any minute. Sweet and cute but decidedly not a sexy PDA.”


Maya Jama and Ben Simmons confirmed a spark in their relationship


Maya Jama and Ben Simmons confirmed a spark in their relationshipCredit: Getty

MAYA Jama, 26, kissed Ben Simmons, 24, at Wimbledon as the pair went public with their long-rumoured romance.

Judi says: “This ‘Guppy kiss’ does look like an announcement gesture in terms of letting everyone know they’re in a relationship.

“Although this style of over-puckered, straight-on kiss is always cute rather than sexy and rarely involves any sensual body touch.

“He’s kept his shades on top, suggesting a cool approach and the way she keeps the puckered pout expression suggests it’s one kiss for him and one for the fans.”


Zara and Mike Tindall also took a quick break from parenthood to watch the match


Zara and Mike Tindall also took a quick break from parenthood to watch the matchCredit: PA

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THE Queen’s granddaughter Zara, 40, and her hubby Mike Tindall, 42, had a day off from parenting duties as they arrived at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. 

Judi says: “This super-tactile royal couple are also sporting stars in their own right plus parents of a new baby so their PDAs involve some intense interest in the play on court.

“There are some tired-looking facial expressions as well as the usual playful touch or besotted face-gazing. 

“Their PDAs here look like ice-bergs: not a lot going on in full view but their grins suggest there might be some knee or foot-flirting beneath the backs of the seats in front. Subtly sexy and loving.”


Ant McPartlin and Anne-Marie put on the PDA


Ant McPartlin and Anne-Marie put on the PDACredit: i-Images

TV presenter Ant McPartlin, 45, and Anne-Marie Corbett, 44, got engaged at Christmas and they still look madly in love. 

Judi says: “Ant looks surrounded by love here and not just from Anne-Marie. 

“The celebs sitting near him look like huge fans and then there’s those selfie poses to remind him how much he loves himself. 

“But of course, it’s Anne-Marie performing the most romantic love rituals here with some very tender face-touching to suggest affection bordering on adoration and that happy head-lean onto his shoulder that creates head-closeness that signals trust and a sense of security.”


Olly Murs put one leg forward with his girlfriend Amelia


Olly Murs put one leg forward with his girlfriend AmeliaCredit: Getty

SINGER Olly Murs, 36, attended Wimbledon with his bodybuilder girlfriend Amelia Tank, 27, have been dating for two years and look set lift happily ever after. 

Judi says: “There’s a strong sense of connection between these two despite the lack of touch here. 

“Forget the more usual PDAs, these two are showing the love in a cool way, using mirrored body language to suggest shared objectives, like-minded thinking and the kind of individual confidence that is hewn out of granite. 

“They share the camera’s attention and they share the posing to suggest total equality and matching strength or talent – a true power couple in terms of physical strength and confidence.”


Dr Alex and his new girlfriend, Ellie


Dr Alex and his new girlfriend, EllieCredit: Getty

THEY recently confirmed they were dating by going Instagram official at the end of last month and now Dr Alex George, 30, and new love Ellie Hecht, 21, have been spotted out together in public for the first time – as they enjoyed a day of tennis at Wimbledon

Judi says: “There’s something sweet about the effort these two are putting into their posing, with Alex standing chest puffed and legs splayed as Ellie places one tentative hand of ownership around his waist. 

“Their wide rounded eyes and equally wide smiles suggest they’re keen to show their love although that keenness suggests it’s still either early days in the relationship or that they’re new to appearing as a couple. 

“They look equally polite and eager to please and still slightly awkward about presenting as a couple for the cameras.” 

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Maya Jama spends time with Kendall Jenner’s ex Ben Simmons at Wimbledon as loved-up pair confirm their romance

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