Mikel Arteta warns Arsenal over Sunderland threat: ‘They’re a huge club – they’ll have a go at us’

Sunderland come to the Emirates following a good run in League One, which sees them sat third in the table.

The side have impressed under manager Lee Johnson and Arteta is expecting them to go after Arsenal on Tuesday.

“I already watched three of their games and they’re the highest possession team in the league,” he said.

“It’s the team that has a lot of resources with the ball to generate attacking situations and if you give them the right time to do so, they will create problems because they have good players to do so.

“They are consistently winning in the league, so they have the habit of winning and competing to win, so I am expecting them to come here with no fear and try to have a good go at us.

“They’re a huge club with a big, big history, it’s a Premier League club, you see the fanbase, the structure that they have around it and the history of the club.

“It will be a difficult night and their manager has a history of making life very difficult for Premier League clubs in this competition and we have to be ready.”

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