Ontario Liberals promise up to $9,500 in EV incentives

Del Duca already promised a $75-per-tire rebate on winter tires if elected to govern

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Ontario electric vehicle buyers will be able to plug in to $9,500 in incentives under a provincial Liberal government, Leader Steven Del Duca says.

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The announcement is the latest plank in the Liberal election platform in advance of a general election set for next June.

The Liberals have already promised a $75-per-tire rebate on winter tires if elected to govern.

Del Duca noted the former Liberal government offered incentives to purchase EVs, closed coal-fired electricity plants, created the GTA Greenbelt, and brought in a cap-and-trade carbon pricing system.

“Since 2018, Doug Ford has sadly taken our province backwards as it relates to protecting our environment and fighting the climate crisis,” he said.

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Ford cancelled both the Liberals’ EV incentive, which he complained was available to buyers of expensive Tesla cars, and their cap-and-trade fee on fossil fuels, which impacted the price of goods and services in the broader economy.

The premier has announced that his government plans to ensure that at least 400,000 electric and hybrid vehicles are built in Ontario by 2030.

Ford continues to criticize the Liberals’ former EV incentive but has expressed concern about U.S. President Joe Biden’s proposal to bring in a tax incentive for purchasers of American-made EVs.


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