Raghav Juyal’s racist monologue triggers massive backlash

An introduction for a contestant from the north-east India on a dance show on television with words such as ‘momo’, ‘chowmein’ and ‘Chinese’ have given rise to massive criticisms with many calling the show host Raghav Juyal racist and cringe-worthy.

A video clip from the show Dance Deeewane Season 3 has been doing rounds on social media that displays host Raghav Juyal introducing a contestant with the derogatory monologue.

The video clip caught the eye of many and drew numerous responses on Twitter, with many criticising the content and the show host. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma also censured the act.

Putting out an explanation on social media, Raghav Juyal stated that the “momo”, “chowmein” and other remarks were a reference to the contestant’s self-professed talent of speaking in Chinese.

The host of the dance show, Raghav Juyal said.”It’s unfair and not good for my mental health to see this short clip without the right context. When this contestant came to the show, she announced that she had a talent of speaking Chinese. My performance was based on that”.

His clarification, however did not persuade many people, with one Twitter user writing: “The show host’s explanation over the clip is weirdest. He says the child knew Chinese and the introduction was based on that. Out there on the streets, such viral jokes have real consequences for the common person from the northeast… Even if the child spoke gibberish Chinese, and her family gave consent to use that context, the host appeared to be ignorant of the problems that already exist with such connotations. Hence the need to educate. Just because one can do, doesn’t mean one should. Discretion is key.”

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