Recidivist Timaru drink-driver twice breaches zero-alcohol licence

Brendan John Taylor has been sentenced to community detention and supervision for twice breaching his zero alcohol licence. (File photo)


Brendan John Taylor has been sentenced to community detention and supervision for twice breaching his zero alcohol licence. (File photo)

A Timaru man who committed his eighth and ninth alcohol-relating driving offences when breaching his zero-alcohol licence twice in the space of three months has been sentenced to community detention.

Brendon John Taylor, 50, appeared for sentencing before Judge Dominic Dravitzki at the Timaru District Court on Thursday, having previously pleaded guilty to contravening a zero-alcohol licence.

The incidents occurred in Timaru when, on May 2, 2021, he was stopped by police and blew a reading of 338mcg, and on August 15, 2021, where the reading was 70mcg.

Defence counsel Paul Norcross told Judge Dravitzki that neither of the occasions were major breaches.

“But I accept zero means zero,” Norcross said.

Norcross said Taylor had full-time employment at Sanford, and a community-based sentence would be appropriate.

Sergeant Trevor Holman disagreed, saying Taylor had seven previous convictions for driving with excess breath alcohol, and the most recent offences were committed on bail.

“The defendant has committed, and continued to commit, offences of a serious matter,” Holman said.

“In terms of alcohol, the defendant has a number of related alcohol matters. It plays a regular part in his life.”

Holman said Taylor’s compliance was “very poor”.

“In terms of sentencing there are some serious aggravating factors. I submit this is a man who has been put on notice.”

Judge Dravitzki noted the pre-sentencing report did indicate “some insight” from Taylor regarding his drug and alcohol issues.

“That’s a long time coming for him,” Judge Dravitzki said.

Judge Dravitzki noted the summary of facts did not highlight any concerns with driving during either incident, but “a matter of real concern is that these are your eighth and ninth convictions for driving while alcohol was present”.

“All of this points to a real difficulty in managing alcohol.”

Judge Dravitzki said it must be accepted that Taylor was a recidivist offender, and there needed to be something to address his drinking.

“It’s the reason you keep coming back to court.’’

Judge Dravitzki sentenced Taylor to four months’ community detention and nine months’ supervision. He also disqualified Taylor from driving for 28 days, after which Taylor has to apply for an alcohol interlock licence and then a zero alcohol licence.

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