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What has AJ said about Kai romance rumours

She said: “Right, So Kai has not only been teaching me how to dance but he’s been teaching me how to act. There’s a lot of passion, there’s a lot of chemistry, there’s a lot of romance, it’s thrilling!

“And in practice I could not look at Kai without bursting out into laughter. But now hopefully come Saturday night, I’m going to look at him eye to eye, look in love and it’s going to be amazing. But it is awkward!”

For many, getting up close and personal with someone you’ve only just met could be tricky, AJ said her mind is too focused on perfecting the routines to think about it.

“For me personally, I’m not thinking about it,” she said. “I’m literally thinking, ‘okay, heel, step onto the ball, roll onto the back of your…’ I’m thinking about the steps, Kai might as well not be there. Joking, I’m only joking.

“But I’m just concentrating so much that I’m not really focused on being in his personal space. And then when it comes to the performance, then I’m like, oh yeah Kai, brilliant, let’s do this. Do you know what I mean?”

AJ has also gone on to meet Kai’s mum in what some have speculated as a further sign. the pair’s feelings are equally strong off-camera.

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