Sun 20 Questions: Arlo Maverick

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Arlo Maverick is an Edmonton-based hip hop MC, who was one of the founding members of rap group Politic Live. His sophomore album, Soul Merchant is set to be released this year, and his most recent single, More than a Flex, can be heard on Spotify .

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It’s Sunday morning, what are you having for breakfast?

Ackee, saltfish, breadfruit, fried dumpling and porridge.

If you didn’t do what you do for a living, what would you be?

Working with kids in some capacity. I love to teach and mentor. You learn so much about life and get to make an impact on someone’s life.

Who’s your hero?

Urcella Smith, she taught me a lot about patience, kindness, generosity, humility and unconditional love.

Last book you couldn’t put down?

The Art of Financial Love Making by Dr. Boyce Watkins.

Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

Toni Braxton

What’s playing in your iPod (CD, cassette or eight-track) right now?

K-Riz’s album Peace & Love.

If you could see one concert, what would it be?

Michael Jackson during the Bad era.

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What’s the best thing about Edmonton?

Our music scene.

What’s your weirdest habit?

I’m a germaphobe so I don’t open doors with my bare hand.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

When people use the washroom but don’t wash their hands afterwards.

What’s your fast-food guilty pleasure?

Donairs. They’re so gluttonous, but so good!!!

What was your most embarrassing moment?

In junior high I was in a track and field competition. On my second lap of the race I collapsed.

Which person, alive or dead, would you like to have dinner with?

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike. He’s a fascinating person who I think a dinner conversation would inspire new ideas and critical thinking.

What’s your favourite vacation destination?

Rome, Italy.

What is your favourite TV show?

Trigger Warning.

What’s your dream car?

I’m more of a skateboard and bicycle guy.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

To turn people empathetic when they lack empathy for others.

What’s the one thing you haven’t done that you’d love to do?

Go to Ethiopia.

If we’re buying, you’re having…

Harissa Crocodile Loin

What are your words to live by?

The more work you put in today, the more opportunity there is tomorrow.

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