The Bachelorette 2021 tonight LIVE – Michelle Young’s season continues as Nayte, Brandon and Joe have dates in Minnesota


Week 4: At the rose ceremony at the end of week 4’s episode, Michelle Young chose three men to be eliminated. Chris G., Will and Romeo were sent home without roses.

Week 3: Five men were sent home during week 3. Jamie was sent home before the rose ceremony even began after he was exposed for lying to Michelle about there being rumors about her. Peter, Spencer, LT and Mollique were all sent home during the rose ceremony.

Week 2: At the end of the second week’s episode, Pardeep Singh, Daniel Tully, PJ Henderson and Alec Thompson were eliminated.

Week 1: The first to get sent home on Michelle Young’s season was contestant Ryan after he was caught with a binder full of notes on how to ‘get a good edit on the show.’

Six other contestants were eliminated during the rose ceremony at the end of the episode: Brandon K., Bryan, Edward, Garrett, Jack and JoMarri.

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