Today’s Papers – Juve need Vlahovic, Napoli at a record pace

“Ibra, at 40, plays less games and scores more goals”

Exclusive interview with Costacurta: “I stopped at 41, better to have played a few less games at the top. Who I’ll vote for as the Golden Boy? Bellingham”

“My Italy never stops”

Exclusive interview with Paolo Nicolato, the Italy U21 CT

“Here the lads find a window to impose themselves, I think of Zaniolo, Kean, Pellegrini, Tonali and Bastoni”

Three strikers light up the market in 2022

Juve, Vlahovic in January

Attempt at the Viola: need to sell Ramsey to not exceed the amount of wages

Inter, Lautaro until 2026

Martinez signs, Zhang relaunches despite the record losses: renewing with Marotta and Ausilio too

Belotti, pact with Juric

The coach has asked Gallo to wait for June to decide; he has a European Toro in mind

Ruiz-Insigne: Napoli sing

The Spanish midfielder with one and two penalties from the captain against Bologna: catch up with Milan at the top

Agnelli and the shareholders, Max and Tudor – the two days of fire for Juventus

San Siro worth a referendum, Milan has to say whether to tear it down

Too many expenses, the cause of the Barca failure

The future of the amateurs in the hands of Gravina after Sibilia’s farewell

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