Who is Claire in 1883?

1883 is the action-packed origin story of the Dutton family and a prequel to the hit show Yellowstone.

The highly-anticipated drama introduces new members of the family, one of whom is the stern and callous Claire Dutton.

Actress Dawn Olivieri plays widow and mother Claire Dutton in 1883


Actress Dawn Olivieri plays widow and mother Claire Dutton in 1883

Who is Claire in 1883?

Claire Dutton is the sister of James Dutton and the sister-in-law of Margaret Dutton.

She appears in the first two episodes of the show as a widow and a mother of Mary Abel.

Clarie is a strict but loving parent to Mary and is very critical of the way her niece Elsa is being brought up by James and Margaret.

She insists that Elsa is too frivolous and rebellious and must be tamed.

Claire disagrees with her brother’s plans of taking the family on a journey to search for prosperity and a better life.

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Who plays Claire Dutton in 1883?

Actress Dawn Olivieri, 40, plays the role of Claire Dutton in the show.

Olivieri was born in St. Petersburg, Florida on February 8, 1981 and has a sister, Bettina, who also pursued acting.

Olivieri initially moved to Milan, Italy, in an attempt to become a model, before starting her acting career in 2004.

Dawn is most recognisable for her roles as Lydia in Heroes and Monica Talbot in House Of Lies.

Her other appearances include roles in American Hustle, Den Of Thieves, The Vampire Diaries, and How I Met Your Mother.

What is 1883 about?

1883 is the prequel of the Paramount hit Yellowstone.

The show chronicles the Dutton family as they travel West through the Great Plains in hopes of settling down somewhere safer and more prosperous.

James Dutton takes his family away from poverty in Texas, to seek a better future in what is known as “America’s promised land.”

The first two episodes of 1883 premiered on December 19, 2021, exclusively on Paramount+.

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