Write on Stuff: Share your experience of Auckland’s Delta lockdown

ASSIGNMENT: Exhausted. Punished. Anxious. Tired. Breaking. Lonely. 

These are words (and some far more colourful than this) that we’ve heard from Aucklanders sharing how they feel in the midst of one of the world’s longest lockdowns.  

With the announcement of the new traffic light system, and a target of 90 per cent fully vaccinated across Auckland’s three DHBs before entering it, we’re giving you the opportunity to write about your situation on Stuff

We’re in this together, but everyone’s lockdown is unique. Perhaps through sharing our experiences we can better relate to and connect with each other, and get a deeper understanding of how this journey affects others.

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Tell us what your lockdown is like.

Maybe you’ve learned something about yourself. Maybe you’re hanging on by the thread. Maybe you’ve found a silver lining. Maybe you’ve reached breaking point.

Whatever your experience is, tell us in about 300-500 words by hitting the green contribute button below. For app users, email

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