Zookeeper scrubs alligator in this viral video; its reaction will melt your heart

Many people scare of reptiles while there are only a few who can show the courage to come near to them. Especially, forest officers and zookeepers can face any animals without any fear. One such video of a zookeeper with a baby alligator has surfaced on the Internet. The video was shared by an Instagram page named thereptilezoo.

In the video, the woman zookeeper can be seen scrubbing the albino alligator in her arms.

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The video is shared with a caption, “Coconut loves her scrubs”.

Check out the reaction of the alligator:

At the beginning of the video, the woman zookeeper can be seen explaining how she cleans the scales of the baby alligator. She then picks up a toothbrush and gently scrubs around the body of the alligator, whose name is Coconut.

It seems like the alligator is seen enjoying the scrubbing.

Isn’t it cute no? This viral short clip is amusing the netizens while the comment section has been filled with several cute reactions.

“I’m truly in love with her,” a user said.

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