10 NI start-ups net £10,000 each in funding to develop their ideas

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Catalyst, a non-profit in Northern Ireland, gave proof-of-concept funding to the 10 start-ups after the first phase of its Co-Founders program.

After successfully completing Catalyst’s Co-Founders program, ten Northern Ireland start-ups will get more money to help them grow.

After the programme, each of the 10 companies will get £10,000 in “proof-of-concept” funding to help them work on their ideas more.

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Catalyst is a non-profit in Northern Ireland that supports tech innovation. Each year, they run a program called “Co-Founders.” In 2017, it began the project.

The companies that got the funding come from a wide range of fields, such as fintech, health and wellness, education, and climate tech. They also move on to the next stage of the Catalyst Co-Founders program and get money to help their businesses grow.

In the second part of the program, start-ups can get help from mentors and experts in their field to speed up their idea.

Since the founders made it through the first stage of the Catalyst program, their ideas have already been proven to work. As part of the validation process, they put their ideas to the test in the real world and made a pitch for the £10,000 prize.

Hannah Cummings, manager of the Co-Founders program at Catalyst, said, “Co-Founders gives anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit the chance to come together and start a business in a supportive environment.” We think that increasing the number of people with an entrepreneurial spirit will be very good for the economy of Northern Ireland.

The winners of the first stage of the program got together in Belfast to show off their work and celebrate their success.

This year’s awardees were:

  • Pneuvo, a software platform designing better drugs to benefit humanity.
  • Insurin, a mobile app that aims to help newly diagnosed diabetics to manage their condition.
  • ProspectRx, an AI-directed precision medicine tool aimed at improving treatment options for poorly served patient populations.
  • MEDIK.AI, an AI tool making it easier to analyse symptoms and direct patients to appropriate medical services.
  • Stable Manager, an equestrian digital hub to quantify equine performance and simplify horse care.
  • Pocket Angler, a dedicated fishery management system for owners and real time travel partner for anglers.
  • Win it Together, a digital tool for fundraising raffles.
  • Tapa, a tool connecting students in university to local employers seeking workers.
  • Exapt Feedback, a tool making online learning work for everyone.
  • Unify, a business and brand-building platform for the creator economy.

The Department of the Economy in Northern Ireland helps pay for the Co-Founders program at Catalyst. Last year, the program helped fund the ideas of start-ups like Belfast Lifestyle Medicine, an app for managing irritable bowel syndrome, Stable Pro, an online platform for managing horse health, and Atlas Fitness, an app that uses machine learning to create custom workouts.

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