5 People Lose Their Lives Due to Video Games Addiction

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Newslatestworld.com Game is a form of fun that has become more and more popular in recent years. Even though games can help keep people from getting tired, they also have their bad effects. People who spend too much time and money on games are often told about in the news.

But these bad things are nothing compared to what’s about to happen. The reason is that several people died because of the game during the events in question.

He died because those who cared for him were too busy playing games.

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Bill Nutter is a Vietnam War veteran who has heart trouble. Patricia Waible is the nurse who takes care of him. Because of his illness, Bill must be watched constantly so that someone can help him if his heart situation worsens.

Bill has a lot of health problems, not just heart trouble. After surgery, he had trouble talking as well. Because of diabetes, both of his legs had to be cut off. This meant he could no longer move. Then he had a nervous breakdown in his hands, which stopped him from hitting a button to call for help.

Because of all of these things, Bill must always be watched by the medical staff. And Patricia was in charge of keeping an eye on Bill.

Patricia was told to check on Bill every hour to ensure he was okay. But once, Patricia was too busy playing games for hours to do anything else.

Then, Bill died because of Patricia’s carelessness. After what happened, Patricia could no longer work as a nurse, so she was moved to the hospital’s restaurant.

But Patricia’s carelessness had more effects than just that. After that, several families whose loved ones died while still in Patricia’s care filed claims against the hospital. They thought Patricia’s carelessness had also killed some of their real family members.

The parents’ child dies because they left him behind to play a game.

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Kim Jae Beom and Kim Yun Jeong care a lot about the Internet. Because they could meet each other through the Internet before they finally decided to get married. They were lucky to have a girl from this marriage, whom they named Kim Sa Rang.

Beom and Jeong still spend much time on the computer, even though they are married and have kids. Even now, they spend up to 10 hours a day playing online games or surfing the internet in internet shops.

Rang’s parents often left him alone, so he was often left alone in bed. Beom and Jeong only give their daughter powdered milk once in a while. Because of this, Rang’s weight slowly went down.

The couple’s carelessness peaked when they spent 12 hours in an internet cafe. When they returned home, they found that Rang, who was only 3 months old, had died.

Beom and Jeong told the cops about Rang’s death after that. When the cops looked at Rang’s body, they were suspicious because he seemed to have lost much weight.

Rang weighed 2.9 kg when he was just born. But when he died, Rang only weighed 2.5 kg. The cops then charged Rang’s parents with killing him by accident.

The Obsession with Playing Games Until You Die

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Hsieh is a man from Taiwan who is 32 years old and likes to play games at Internet shops as a hobby. Hsieh’s family said he couldn’t come home for days because he often played online games.

Because he usually stays at internet bars, Hsieh could go so long without going home. A customer at an internet cafe said that Hsieh often stays there for days to play games.

Hsieh will sleep by putting his head on the computer table or sitting in a chair if he is tired or sleepy.

In 2015, Hsieh booked a special booth so he could play online games for as long as possible without being interrupted. Before that, the staff at the internet cafe thought Hsieh was lying down in front of the screen.

Hsieh didn’t move at all when he tried to wake him up. Then they discovered that Hsieh had already been dead for a few hours.

It is said that Hsieh died of heart failure because he was tired. This is because when someone plays a game, they can sit still for hours. If the person is too focused on the game and doesn’t eat or drink on time, their health will automatically get worse.

He kills his kids because they don’t pay attention while playing games.

In 2006, Tyrone Spellman was a 27-year-old man. He lives with his lover and their one-year-old daughter. Tyrone likes playing games on his Xbox when he has free time.

One day, Tyrone played a game when his daughter, Alayiah, got on the floor and took Tyrone’s X-Boy machine away.

The moment this happened, Tyrone’s anger was out of control. He went after Alayiah and hit her 5 times on the head. So, the poor boy had to die sadly, with cracks in his head.

Because of what he did, the police arrested Tyrone and told him he could spend up to 45 years in jail.

Prosecutor James Berardinelli, who was in charge of this case, said that Tyrone’s acts left him speechless. James said, “There is never a good reason to kill, but this is a really stupid one,” when asked why Tyrone could be so cold-hearted.

Due to Losing Games, People Kill Themselves

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When playing games, it’s normal to lose and win. But when someone is so late in the game, it’s not uncommon for them to do bad things to let off steam because they are so frustrated from playing games. For instance, he could say mean things or slam the game device he is holding.

But what Pavel Mateev did was crazy, and nobody would have thought of it. Pavel is a Russian teen who is 15 years old. He can spend a lot of time playing games on the computer.

One day, Pavel played a game on the computer that his mother had bought for him for hours. Pavel was angry when he lost the game and left the house quickly.

The next thing Pavel did would make anyone wince. Pavel turned on the axe and then used it to stab himself in the head. Because of this, Pavel’s brains were all over the place, and the poor boy died from serious head injuries.

The cops think that Pavel wanted to kill himself and that his opponent in an online game may have pushed him over the edge. This is because some shady game players in Russia tell kids and teens to kill themselves if they aren’t good enough at games.

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