5 Ridiculous Strategies Used by Game Companies to Boost Their Game Business

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Newslatestworld.com Humans have many hobbies. Playing games is a hobby that has recently become increasingly popular among enthusiasts.

With the advancement of technology used to create and play games, one can get addicted and get carried away by the atmosphere while playing. To the extent that some people are willing to spend as deep as possible to make themselves satisfied by playing games. For example, buying the latest game console, buying virtual accessories to use in games, and other things.

In turn, this phenomenon impacts the proliferation of companies engaged in game development. To attract the attention of game fans, many people do unusual things and are even impressed. This is an example of this in action.

Putting Counterfeit Money on the Sidewalk

Newslatestworld 8 Jul 1

Mafia is a term for criminals or illegal business actors who work together to run a secret organization. The Mafia often uses assassination tactics to get rid of their enemies.

The Mafia is often depicted as mysterious and respected because of its mysterious reputation. Mafia City is an example of such entertainment.

Zynga manages the online game Mafia City. To promote the game, Zynga ran a promotional campaign that would make people laugh.

Zynga sticks fake banknotes on the sidewalks of Manhattan, USA, to promote the game Mafia Wars.

At first glance, Zynga’s promotional actions appear innovative and lawful. In addition, counterfeit money is not intended to be used for payment. In addition to counterfeit money, Zynga also put stickers showing mafia fights.

However, the fact is not all parties argue in the same way. Zynga sticking counterfeit money on the sidewalk is considered vandalism of public property. If Zynga continues to engage in unreasonable promotional actions, the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office has even threatened to sue it.

Disturbing Traffic Flow by Sharing Free BBM

Newslatestworld 8 Jul 2 Mercenaries 2 World in Flames

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is an action and adventure game released by Electronic Arts (EA). This game focuses on a mercenary who intends to kill the president of Venezuela.

Because Venezuela has a lot of petroleum, EA incorporates petroleum elements into its game promotions. A petrol station in the United Kingdom that works with EA gives free gasoline worth forty pounds to every customer who comes.

People flocked to the gas station in question, lured by the idea that they would get free gas. This causes a very long queue of cars. Drivers stuck in the queue started fighting when they couldn’t wait anymore.

The police broke up the promo event because the situation was getting out of control. Members of the British parliament even stated that EA wants to make the UK become like Venezuela. In addition, he asked EA to issue an official apology immediately.

Spread of Fake News Related to Terror Attacks

Newslatestworld 8 Jul 3 call of duty

News about terror attacks always attracts the attention of many people because these events often result in death. Suppose the perpetrators come from certain ethnic or religious groups. In that case, it is not uncommon for people with the same ethnicity or religion as the perpetrators to become the target of hatred from those around them.

Therefore, netizens were furious when Activision, a gaming company, announced via Twitter that a terror attack had occurred in Singapore.

However, it was later discovered that the terror act did not actually occur in the first place. In Activision’s efforts to promote its newest game, Call Of Duty: Black Ops III, they reported on a terrorist attack that occurred in Singapore.

Activision is considered to have helped spread fake news when the hoax phenomenon on the internet was on the rise. As a result, many netizens immediately responded negatively to the Activision post.

However, some netizens did not give negative feedback. Some say that people should know that Activision’s posts are not about actual terror events. Because Activision is not a media company but a game company. Additionally, they praised Activision’s efforts to make the game as realistic as possible.

Flying Game Cassettes Into Space Barely

Newslatestworld 8 Jul 4 mass effect

One of the biggest game companies in the United States and even globally, EA, is taking unusual game promotion actions. As a result, EA does not hesitate to use various methods to attract game lovers. For this Mass Effects 3 promotion.

The adventure-themed game Mass Effects 3 is set in outer space. Players interact with various alien or extraterrestrial characters a.

Maybe because of the story’s setting, EA also believes that including sky elements in Mass Effects 3 is the best way to promote the game.

EA originally flew weather balloons that had the ability to soar into the sky in the game’s promotion. There is a Mass Effect 3 game cassette inside each balloon.

Game fans who want to play this game are advised to create an account on the official EA website. Each balloon has a GPS signal transmitter, so people monitoring it can know where it is moving.

The balloon will fall to the ground when the air inside is thinned out. Game fans then have the task of finding the location of the balloon. If they manage to find it, the person who found it will have a game cassette inside the balloon.

These balloons were blown up before the official game was released. Compared to people who buy this game conventionally, those who find it in a balloon will have a greater chance of playing it.

Participate in the Contest to Name a Baby after a Game Character

Newslatestworld 8 Jul 5 elder scrolls

Bethesda created The Elder Scrolls game series with a fantasy and adventure theme. To welcome the release of The Elder Scrolls V, they also announced a competition.

The Bethesda contest is no ordinary contest. Participants must name their baby Dovahkiin. In the game, “Dovahkiin” is a dragon term meaning “Birth of the Dragon”. The contest will award winners who will enjoy all of Bethesda’s games for life for free.

Eric and Megan Kellermeyer—who happened to have just given birth to a child on the game’s launch day—turned out to be still taking part in this competition.

After hearing about Bethesda’s contest, they agreed to name their baby Dovahkiin.

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