7 mistakes people make when charging HP that cause it to get damaged and run out quickly

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Newslatestworld.com If something goes wrong when charging the phone, the battery may not last as long as it should. Maybe you don’t know how you usually charge your phone makes the battery die faster.

Most of the time, when you charge your phone, you make mistakes that drain the battery quickly and hurt your device. What mistakes shouldn’t be made when charging a cell phone?

1. Fill up your HP overnight

When charging the first phone, the wrong thing to do is to leave the charger plugged in overnight. This can shorten the life of your battery and damage your phone or tablet quickly. When the battery is completely full, it should be removed immediately. So, don’t charge your phone at night, especially right before sleep.

2. Charge the HP when the battery is completely dead.

According to the website for Battery University, the most common mistake people make when charging their phones is to charge them when the batteries are dead. Doing this too often will wear out the battery and could even damage it permanently.

3. Buy an inexpensive charger

Never use a charger that the same company doesn’t make as your phone. Also, if you use a cheap charger, most cheap chargers don’t have a special circuit that stops charging automatically when the battery is fully charged. If you do this, the phone’s battery will leak and break quickly.

4. Charge HP when it still has a lot of power left.

Cleverly says that charging an HP battery when it still has a lot of power, like 70 percent, will make it last less over time. To avoid making mistakes when charging your phone, it’s best to do it when the battery is at 20%.

5. Using a cell phone while it’s still charging

Using a cell phone while it is still being charged or plugged in will raise the temperature and put extra pressure on the battery. Try not to use your cell phone while it is still charging.

6. Not taking off the phone’s cover when it’s being charged

If you use a case for your phone or an HP cover, don’t put it on while your HP charges. Smartphones and cell phones can get hot when they are being charged. If the cover or case is still on, the temperature will rise even more. To keep the phone’s temperature stable while it’s charging, it’s best to take off the cover.

7. Full Charge

Waiting until the phone is fully charged is a mistake when charging it for the last time, because it will shorten the battery’s life. Battery University says you only need to charge your phone up to 75–80%. The battery will last longer if you only charge HP to 50 or 75% of its capacity.

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