Fun Fact !!! there are animals that live in fresh water besides the sea

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Experienced in journalism for 10 years, and happy to be able to share the latest information, I started this site as my inspiration to get the latest information, I hope this information can also be useful for you Talking about dolphins, most people only know that these mammals only live in the sea. However, there are animals that live in fresh water as well. The following are examples of animals that not only live in the sea but also live in fresh water.

Puffer fish

Fun Fact !!! there are animals that live in fresh water besides the sea

Sea fish with a box-shaped body is called pufferfish. Pufferfish can be divided into two categories: spiny puffers and venomous puffers.

Under normal circumstances, the durian puffer or durian puffer does not look any different from other fish. However, when it feels threatened, it will drink as much water as it can to make its body feel like a balloon.

The spines all over the pufferfish’s body will straighten up when their body resembles a balloon. Animals that want to eat the pufferfish will eventually back off on their own for fear of being stabbed.

Although other pufferfish lack spines, their bodies are toxic with a venom strong enough to kill a human. Pufferfish poisoning has caused many deaths in Japan.

The pufferfish itself, the fahaka pufferfish (Tetraodon lineatus), apparently lives in fresh water in Africa.

The fahaka pufferfish lives in the Nile and many rivers in West and East Africa. Freshwater clams and snails are the food of this fish.

The fahaka pufferfish, like other pufferfish that live in the sea, uses poison as a way of protecting itself. They also have the ability to inflate themselves until they expand like a balloon, rendering enemies unable to eat them.


img newslatestworld 10 jun 2 jelly fish

Which person does not know jellyfish? Its bell-shaped body and tentacles make it easy to spot.

Jellyfish are beautiful animals, but don’t handle them carelessly because they produce toxins that cause burning and itching on human skin. Jellyfish venom is used to defend itself and paralyze prey.

Jellyfish themselves are not only in the sea; some species live in fresh water.

Here, the freshwater jellyfish in question is Craspedacusta sowerbii, or the peach blossom jellyfish. The body of this jellyfish is round and transparent.

Peach blossom jellyfish have more than 400 tentacles, each equipped with poison to help them catch prey. The tiny zooplankton are what the peach blossom jellyfish feeds on.

There is no need to worry about this jellyfish, even if it is poisonous. This is because the poison of the peach blossom jellyfish is not strong enough to penetrate human skin.

At first, the peach blossom jellyfish was only found in China’s Yangtze River. However, today, this jellyfish is also found in the Americas, India, and Thailand.

Stingray (Fish)

img newslatestworld 10 jun 3 stingray

If asked to name examples of flat-bodied aquatic animals, almost everyone will immediately answer stingrays. This is a choice that is absolutely not wrong because the flat and wide shape of this fish is very well known.

People usually believe that stingrays only live in the sea, but in fact there are also stingrays that live in fresh water. The types of stingrays that live in fresh water are even more amazing than the types of stingrays that live in the sea.

The type of freshwater stingray referred to here is the giant freshwater stingray (Urogymnus polylepis). Freshwater stingrays can be found in many major rivers in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia alone, they are only found in Kalimantan.

The giant freshwater ray is named for its enormous size. How not, this stingray can measure up to five meters long. When compared, the size is almost the same as a small car.

Although these fish are very large, it is difficult for humans to find them because freshwater rays usually burrow into the muddy bottom of the water.

Freshwater rays, like sea stingrays, have poisonous spines on their tails. If someone accidentally steps on the tail of this stingray, it can be very painful.


img newslatestworld 10 jun 4 walrus

Seals, mammals, spend almost their entire lives in the sea. However, they still need to go ashore to rest and breed occasionally.

Seals, unlike whales and dolphins, can come ashore easily because they can crawl on their forelegs. In the same way, seals can easily return to the sea to find food.

Contrary to their name, seals don’t just live in the sea; some live in fresh water.

The Baikal seal (Pusa sibirica) is a unique species of seal. These animals only exist in Russia. right on Lake Baikal, which is the deepest lake in the world.

Lake Baikal is not far from the North Pole. As a result, snow drifts often cover the shores of this lake. Because of the seal’s thick blubber, cooler waters are the best place for seals to live.

The Baikal seal has a maximum length of about one meter, making it one of the smallest species in the world.

The Russian government is limiting the number of seals allowed to be hunted annually to prevent the extinction of the Baikal seal.


img newslatestworld 10 jun 5 dolpin

The Amazon River, which is one of the largest rivers in the world, flows through Brazil. It is located in South America.

One of the reasons why this area is covered in forests is the existence of the Amazon River; if the Amazon River is one of the largest rivers in the world, the Amazon Jungle is the largest area of tropical forest in the world.

The animals in the Amazon River are huge because of their size. The Amazonian dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) is the species.

The main habitat of the Amazonian dolphin is rivers. This makes this species unique.

Amazonian dolphins have different characteristics compared to marine dolphins, such as narrower and more flexible necks.

The neck of the Amazonian dolphin facilitates its movement. This is especially important for Amazonian dolphins because they have less room to move in the river than in the sea. When the Amazon Forest floods, it’s not uncommon to see them swimming between the trees.

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