German stands sell ice cream that tastes like crickets. Would you dare to try it?

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Newslatestworld.comA German ice cream shop is adding something new to its menu that might give some people the chills.

Eiscafe Rino is an ice cream shop selling cricket-flavoured ice cream with dried crickets.

On Monday, June 3, 2023, the AP said that Thomas Micolino owns the Eiscafe Rino store in Rottenburg, Germany.

Cricket flour, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and honey are used to make the ice cream. Micolino then put in whole dried crickets.

Micolino often makes flavors that are very different from what most Germans like. He says strawberry, chocolate, banana, and vanilla ice cream are common in Germany.

Before, he charged four euros per scoop for liverwurst with Gorgonzola cheese ice cream and gold-plated ice cream.

Micolino says, “I’m very interested in everything and want to try it all.”

“I’ve eaten a lot of things, including a lot of weird things, but I still want to try crickets, maybe even as ice cream,” he says.

The European Union (EU) has rules that allow insects to be used in food, so Micolino was able to make cricket-flavoured ice cream.

According to these rules, crickets can be frozen, dried, or ground into a powder. The EU has also allowed migratory locusts and mealy beetle larvae as food additives.

The clever vendor said some people were disgusted and even annoyed that Micolino sold bug ice cream, but most curious customers loved the new flavour.

Micolino said that the people who tried it were very excited about it.

“I have customers who buy scoops here every day.”

Konstantin Dick, a customer, liked the way the cricket tasted. “Yes, it tastes great and can be eaten.”

Johann Peter Schwarze, another customer, also liked how smooth the ice cream was. He also said, “You can still taste the crickets in the ice cream.”

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