Humans live in dangerous and strange places.

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Experienced in journalism for 10 years, and happy to be able to share the latest information, I started this site as my inspiration to get the latest information, I hope this information can also be useful for you – People like to go on adventures and try new things. Because of this, people now live in many different places on Earth, even in places other people think are too dangerous. Here are some examples of these far-flung places.

Bottom of Dry Lake

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The name “Aztec” comes from a kingdom that used to be in what is now Mexico. The Aztecs built their city in the middle of Lake Texcoco while it was still standing. The Aztecs lost power after the Spaniards took over their city in 1521.

When the Spanish took over the Aztec capital, they tried to make it bigger so that more people could live there. The trouble was that the Aztecs built their capital in the middle of a lake, so there wasn’t much room for more people.

But the Spanish would not give up. They chose to drain the lake and build new buildings on the bottom of the dry lake.

The Spanish and those who came after they worked hard in Mexico to build Mexico City, now the city of Mexico. Half of Mexico City was built on what used to be a lake but is now dry land.

But draining the lake to turn it into a neighborhood has had its own long-term bad effects. In 1985, Mexico City was hit by a big earthquake that knocked down many buildings.

Later, it was found that many buildings fell because the land in the old lake wasn’t stable enough to handle the shocks of an earthquake. So, when the earthquake hit, the houses that were built on what used to be the bottom of the lake were destroyed.

Former Film Properties

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Who has never heard of Star Wars? This is the name of the movie series about the war between the Galactic Empire and the rebels in outer space. Because this movie’s fight scenes in space are so well done, Star Wars is now one of the world’s most well-known film series with a space theme.

The Phantom Menace is one of the many Star Wars pictures that have been made. It came out in 1999. This movie is one of the most important in the Star Wars series because it tells where Anakin Skywalker originated. Anakin Skywalker is the person who inspired the villain Darth Vader.

In the movie, Anakin is told to live in Mos Espa, which is in the desert. So that the city looks like a real city, the Star Wars film crew built a small city in the middle of the Tunisian desert. Tunisia is in North Africa, right across from Europe.

The film group built more than 15 houses for the Mos Espa set. When the filming was done, the crew gave up on the tiny city and left it there.

Seeing this, some people in the area decided to move into the small city. One of them even sells mementos, taking advantage of the fact that the place is known as a place where films are shot.


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Bunkers are small houses with thick walls that are used to protect people. The bunker’s main use is as a place to hide during a war. Soldiers can also shoot at enemies from bunkers with windows without thinking about being shot back.

Albania, to the east of Italy, has more bunkers than almost any other country. This is because tyrant Enver Hoxha feared that neighboring countries would attack his country when he was still in charge.

Hoxha ordered the building of large bunkers all over Albania because he thought Albania would be attacked one day. Hoxha hoped that the Albanian people could hide in the bunker and protect their country if his country was ever attacked.

Hoxha’s fears never came true because no country attacked Albania until his life’s end. It is thought that more than 170,000 bunkers have been built on Albanian land. The bunkers look like small huts with round roofs.

In the 1990s, Albania’s economy was in bad shape. Because of this, many Albanians have to live in poverty because they don’t have a place to live. People who are homeless in Albania then live in the bunkers that are now empty and not being used.


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When you think of animals that live underground, you usually think of ants or moles. It turns out that people also live in underground homes. Some people have lived underground for hundreds of years.

In Türkiye, there are underground neighborhoods where people live. The name of the city under the ground is Derinkuyu. People in the area built the city to escape the effects of wars between the Byzantines and the Arabs in the 8th through 12th centuries.

Derinkuyu is 60 meters below sea level. The most people that can live here are 20,000. People in Derinkuyu raise animals in the underground city to support many people’s lives.

Because Derinkuyu is underground, the people there have homes resembling a big web of rooms and halls. In addition to homes, Derinkuyu has public buildings like wine stores, schools, and places of worship. People who are in the top class live in places that are closer to the ground.

People left the city of Derinkuyu in 1923 after Greece and Turkey made a policy to switch people from one country to the other. The last time anyone knew where Derinkuyu was was in 1963.

Now, Derinkuyu is a place that tourists can go to. Tourists can only get to the top of Derinkuyu, though.

Most people don’t consider living on the edge of a cliff a great place to live. This does not, however, apply to the people who live at the Xuankong Temple in northern China. This is because the temple, which also serves as a place to sleep, was built with wooden pillars on the edge of a valley.

The Hanging Temple is another name for the Xuankong Temple. This is because it looks like it is hanging over the edge of a cliff.

Even though it looks risky, the Buddhist temple was built in such a dangerous place for a reason. The Xuankong Temple is on a cliff that is hard to get to and doesn’t let just anyone live there. Because of this, it is quiet and a good place to meditate.

The Xuankong Temple was built in a cave on a cliff 30 meters above the ground. Because it was built in a cliff basin, the Xuankong Temple was also sheltered from rain and sun.

Many people in the area think that a monk named Liaoran built Xuankong Temple in 491. Since it was first built, Xuankong Temple has had many fixes and additions that have made it what it is today.

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