IG and FB Paid Blue Checks Are Predicted to Generate Considerable Meta Cash

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Newslatestworld.com Meta “sells” Instagram and Facebook accounts verified in blue through the Meta Verified subscription service. Price ranges from 11.99 to 14.99 US dollars per month.

People think that paid blue tick services on Instagram and Facebook will make a lot of money for Meta, which means that Meta will make a lot of money. At least, that’s what research done recently by Bank of America (BoFA) says.

Bank of America said in the study that the paid blue tick service could have 12 million users by 2024.

Bank of America thinks that Meta could make US$1.7 billion in revenue if it had that many subscribers and a subscription price of US$11.99.

Australia and New Zealand both have Meta Verified.

But this Meta Verified business still has to wait before it can be done. This is because Meta has only tried out the Meta Verified service in two countries, Australia and New Zealand, so far.

This means that people in other parts of the world can’t use this new service yet. In his post, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, said that Meta Verified subscriptions would soon be available in more countries.

Zuckerberg also said that the Meta Verified subscription service would make social media posts by users more visible. Instagram and Facebook users can also get a badge or blue tick if they sign up for Meta Verified.

Users will also get direct access to customer support and more protection against accounts that say they are users.

Users who sign up for the Meta Verified service will get 100 free monthly stars and special stickers for Stories and Reels.

You can tip content creators on Facebook with these stars, a form of digital currency.

Meta Verified is like Twitter Blue in a lot of ways.

This Meta Verified service is like Twitter’s paid Twitter Blue service, which came out before this one.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has also taken note of the Meta Verified service. Musk also said something about the Meta Verified service in a tweet.

“Inevitable (can’t be stopped/will definitely happen),” @elonmusk wrote on Twitter.

The tweet responded to a tweet that said, “Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is copying Twitter” for joining a service that lets Facebook and Instagram users get a blue tick by paying a subscription fee.

From the tweet, it seems like Elon Musk thinks that Zuckerberg copying Twitter to release a paid verification service is “definitely going to happen.”

The Twitter Blue service is now available in more countries. It was first made available in the U.S., Canada, and other places, but as of early February 2023, it is now available in more countries.

According to the price list on the Twitter Help Center page, a Twitter Blue subscription in Indonesia costs $8 per month, or $83 per year, for people who sign up through the web version of Twitter.

If users buy the Twitter Blue service through the Twitter app for Android and iOS (mobile), which costs $11 per month, the subscription price will increase even more.

Twitter Blue subscribers who pay the least, $8 per month, can use several features that aren’t available on “regular” Twitter.

Some of them include giving original account status as a “blue tick” to Twitter Blue subscribers, letting users see a list of replies from verified accounts, making ads 50 percent cheaper, and letting users upload longer videos.

On the other hand, the new features are said to be coming “soon” to Twitter Blue users. If the Twitter system has verified an account, especially with a blue tick, the user will get this status immediately.

In addition to the above features, Twitter Blue users can use several brand-new features that haven’t been made available to the general public yet. Some of these features are Edit Tweet, Bookmark Folders, Top Articles, Readers Mode, the ability to upload videos in 1080p quality, and many others.

It is said that Twitter Blue is still getting people to use it. A report from The Information said that until the middle of January, 180,000 people in the United States used Twitter Blue.

The number of Twitter users who have signed up for Twitter Blue is thought to have reached 290,000 worldwide.

Source : CNBC

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