Liquor With the Most Unique Ingredients in the World

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Experienced in journalism for 10 years, and happy to be able to share the latest information, I started this site as my inspiration to get the latest information, I hope this information can also be useful for you – Alcohol or liquor is a term for drinks that contain alcohol. Because alcohol has both an intoxicating and calming effect when drunk, alcohol has become a drink that is widely consumed in various parts of the world. The following are some examples of liquor with raw materials and manufacturing processes that are so unique.

Cobra Snakes

Newslatestworld 26 august Cobra Snakes

The cobra is known as one of the most venomous snakes in the world. That is why if someone encounters this snake in the wild, then that person is advised not to disturb the snake.

Even though cobras have poison that is harmful to humans, this does not stop people from consuming this snake. No half-hearted, cobras are used as a mixture in drinks.

The drink referred to here is snake wine. As the name implies, snake wine is a wine made from snakes.

Snake wine is made by soaking the carcass of a cobra in a concoction of rice wine. This drink can be found in China along with a number of Southeast Asian countries.

Even though it looks disgusting, in fact, this drink is quite sought after in its countries of origin. The reason is snake venom mixed with liquid wine is believed to provide health benefits for the drinker.

Snake wine is not only served in the form of wine and snakes alone. To add to the benefits and taste, ingredients such as spices, berries, and even gecko meat are also often mixed in drinks.

Snake wine itself is not a harmless drink. Because snakes have the ability to enter a hibernation phase for months on end, it is not uncommon for cobras to be used in wine to still be alive.

Then when the wine was about to be drunk, the snake reactivated and then bit the person in front of it. Spooky!

Ant liquor

Newslatestworld 26 august ant

Ants are one of the most hated insects for those of us who want to eat. The reason is that ants often surround food and drinks that are in an open condition for too long.

But ants are not always considered annoying. The reason is that there is alcohol in which one of the constituent ingredients is ants.

This unique alcoholic drink is Anty Gin. This liquor is served by Noma, a restaurant from Denmark that serves a menu typical of Northern Europe. Noma is not just any restaurant because this restaurant has been named one of the best restaurants in the world several times.

One of Noma’s signature dishes is the Anty Gin liquor. According to the claims of Noma’s head chef, Rene Redzepi, Anty Gin is made through an in-depth research process.

Incidentally, apart from being the head chef at Noma, Rene is also involved in the Nordic Food Lab which studies various dishes from various parts of the world.

Anty Gin itself is the result of a combination of liquor and toxic chemicals secreted by ants. The ants used to make this liquor are not random ants, but wood ants which will spray poison when they feel threatened.

Rene explained that his party made alcohol containing a mixture of ant poison because the ant poison would give the drink a distinctive aroma. This drink is sold at a price of 200 pounds (about 3 million rupiah) per bottle.

Alcohol Drops Breast Results

Newslatestworld 26 august breast

Breasts are a part of a woman’s body that often attracts the attention of men. However, according to G Spirits, breasts also have a role in the process of making alcohol.

G Spirits is a German liquor company. One of the most unique beverage products launched by this company is liquor which is spilled on women’s breasts before being bottled.

Shedding is done because alcohol that has been in contact with a woman’s skin is believed to have a distinctive taste and aroma. G Spirits’ liquor made with this process includes rum, vodka, and whiskey.

To make potential customers feel more interested in this liquor, G Spirits also completes the alcohol with the woman’s signature. Complete with photos and videos of the process of making this alcohol when it is poured into the breast.

This liquor with an unusual manufacturing process is sold for $200 each (about 2.8 million rupiah). This liquor does have a strange manufacturing process. However, because humans themselves have various characteristics, it is possible that there are still people who are willing to spend that much money just to taste the alcohol.

Animal Genital Alcohol

Newslatestworld 26 august animal

Based on the sex, animals are divided into males and females. One of the characteristics possessed by male animals is having a penis. Male animals use the penis to release sperm when mating with the opposite sex.

The penis itself not only has benefits for animals when reproducing but also for humans. In China, there is liquor at fault one raw material is animal penis.

Tezhi Sanbian Jiu (TSJ) is such a drink. The name literally means “three penis liquor”. And the name really describes this drink.

TSJ is alcohol made from rice which has been mixed with pieces of the animal penis. Animals whose penises are used in this liquor are dogs, deer, and seals.

TSJ uses the penises of these animals because the power possessed by the three animals is believed to be absorbed by those who drink them. TSJ is also claimed to be able to help maintain kidney health.

If you are alone, are you interested in trying this virility-infused alcohol?

Alcohol Containing Human Fingers

Newslatestworld 26 august finger

Hotel Downtown is a hotel located in the city of Dawson, Canada. Like hotels in general, Hotel Downtown also has its own tavern.

Apart from providing the usual menu of food and drinks, Hotel Downtown also provides drinks that will make your hair goosebumps.

The drink is an alcoholic cocktail that has been added with a human toe. The toes used in this liquor have been preserved beforehand so they don’t rot and poison the drinker.

According to rumors, this terrifying liquor has origins that can be traced back to the Prohibition era in the early 20th century. Prohibition is a historical period during which trade in liquor was still prohibited in the United States.

In the story in question, a criminal who is on the run is trapped in a violent blizzard. Because the tips of his feet went numb from the cold, he was desperate to amputate his own toes with an axe. He then dipped the toe into the liquor.

No one can prove whether this story is true or not. What is clear is that the toe pieces used in the Downtown Hotel cocktail are actually younger.

The reason is that before this, a number of people who ordered this cocktail accidentally swallowed the cocktail along with the pieces of their toes. Luckily for the models, they donated a new toe so they could continue the tradition of preparing this horror liquor.

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