Parasites, This Person Lives Secretly in Other People’s Houses

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For its owner, the house should be the safest location. Consequently, the host will experience fear when a stranger surreptitiously moves in with them. Because the unauthorized visitors might act in a way that offends their hosts. Here are 5 instances of these unauthorized occupants.

Horikawa, Tatsuko

Parasites, This Person Lives Secretly in Other People's Houses

A 57-year-old Japanese guy thought something wasn’t right in his home in 2008. He has been the only resident of the residence. However, a string of odd occurrences at his home over the past few weeks has led him to believe there are unauthorized visitors.

How frequently he noticed food disappearing from his fridge fed the man’s suspicions. Even though he never touched the food. Additionally, he believes that someone broke into his home covertly and stole something.

The man then decided to install CCTV cameras in his home out of curiosity. He can watch over his home even when he is away, thanks to the camera’s connection to his cell phone.

The man once witnessed an enigmatic person in his home unlocking the refrigerator. The man called the cops right away.

When the police came, they were perplexed about why the house’s windows and doors were still shut. The cops then entered the residence to locate the alleged burglar.

The cops eventually discovered the enigmatic figure they were seeking after examining every area of the home. Tatsuko Horikawa, a 58-year-old woman, is an enigmatic figure.

Tatsuko has a history of hiding in nearby homes while sneakily stealing the host’s meals. Tatsuko has also been residing at the man’s home who caught her for the past year.


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Tracy is a mother of five who resides in South Carolina in the United States. In 2012, Tracy noticed a peculiar feeling in her home. He frequently hears enigmatic voices coming from his home’s attic.

When Tracy and her two sons went to investigate the attic, they didn’t find anything. Following that, the enigmatic noise from the attic returned at night.

The attic above them also sometimes rattled, dropping dust and nails, making Tracy and her kids anxious. Tracy reached a breaking point and decided to call her nephew.

Then, Tracy’s nephew ascends into the attic to investigate the cause of the strange noises and tremors. Tracy’s niece discovered a man dozing off in the attic.

Later, it was determined that the man was Tracy’s ex-boyfriend, with whom she had parted ways in 2000. The man lived in Tracy’s attic covertly and watched Tracy and the air ducts.

Because he assisted Tracy in installing a new door a year prior, the ex-boyfriend allegedly had access to Tracy’s home. When Tracy’s nephew caught the former, he simply grinned and quickly departed Tracy’s home.

Residents Lacking Identification

Parasites, This Person Lives Secretly in Other People's Houses

Amber Dawn recently moved into an apartment in Enumclaw, Washington, in 1997. Amber heard ominous footsteps from the attic when she arrived at her new home.

When Amber went to check, she discovered the attic door was unlocked. When Amber informed the apartment manager of her observations, she merely offered the possibility that a squirrel had entered the attic and was responsible for the sound of the footsteps.

After a while, strange occurrences began to occur more regularly at Amber’s house. His possessions frequently appear to be shifting on their own or even disappearing. Even though the puppy was only two months old and unable to climb the tub independently, the best buddy, her pet, was there suddenly.

Through an incident that would make us think of horror movies, Amber finally understands what is responsible for all the mysterious phenomena. Amber noticed the attic door was open when she was in the shower.

Amber, who was panicking, raced outdoors immediately with her dog and a hammer. Additionally, he contacted his sister-in-law, who subsequently called the police.

The police searched Amber’s flat, but nobody was there. The police discovered food, literature, and bedding used by the stowaway in the attic of Amber’s apartment, proving that she had not been living alone the entire time.

Dark Room Dweller

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Seven-year-old Velma Kellen is a solitary Elem, Washington resident in the United States. On a particular day in 2013, Velma noticed that the front of her home was colder than the interior.

When Velma thought her heater could be broken, she got a replacement. However, even after installing the heater, its issue was not fixed. Still, the front of the home has a lower temperature than the interior.

Then, in a state of confusion, Velma requested assistance from a repairman. The reason why Velma’s home’s heat wasn’t distributed evenly was discovered when the repairmen got to the scene.

It turns out that someone is living covertly beneath Velma’s home. The man shut off Velma’s heating pipe and directed it to heat the basement where she lived to keep himself comfortable. In the basement, the repairman also discovered beer can remnants.

This enigmatic person’s true identity was never revealed. Velma herself acknowledges that she has recently discovered several anomalies. He once discovered that his home’s gate was left open. Velma acknowledged that she frequently noticed a powerful odor under her house.

Shepherd of Tygra

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A woman named Tyggra Shepherd resides unlawfully in Katherine Lang’s home. Unlike other stowaway situations, Tyggra was unaware he was residing in someone else’s home.

Everything began when Katherine arrived home from vacation. When he got home, his pet dogs and cats were outside.

Katherine was taken aback because her two pets typically disliked being outside the house. There were already 2 women inside the home when Katherine entered. Tyggra Shepherd is the nickname of one of these women.

Tyggra acknowledged that he might be at home after being questioned by calibration and recalling seeing a Facebook ad for a house for sale.

Tyggra was instructed to enter the house through the back door after paying $1,150 to a person posing as the property owner, as the person tasked with delivering the house keys could not do so.

Tyggra didn’t know he had been duped until Katherine revealed that she had always been the home’s original owner and had never posted an advertisement.

Because Katherine possesses two homes, the con artist felt comfortable utilizing Katherine’s home in her false advertisement. The home Tyggra “bought” was also one that Katherine seldom ever went to.

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