The horrifying story Flight 522 Helios, a plane full of people, flew without a pilot.

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Experienced in journalism for 10 years, and happy to be able to share the latest information, I started this site as my inspiration to get the latest information, I hope this information can also be useful for you Since the Wright Brothers got an airplane to fly, flight technology has grown so quickly. The plane is a common way to get from one place or country to another. Compared to other ways to get around, the best thing about planes is that they can fly over mountains, rice fields, oceans, and other scenery.

Planes are a good way to get to places that are hard or impossible to reach by other means. Also, planes can travel such long distances in just a few hours.

Even with these benefits, the plane is not a perfect way to get around. If there is meddling while the plane is in the air, the plane could have an accident that kills everyone on board.

Unlike people in cars or ships, people on planes can’t just jump out to save themselves. Passengers on an airplane are more likely to die if the plane is still in the air.

Because of this, every time a plane crash happens, it quickly gets the public’s attention. Even more so if everyone on the plane died and many strange things happened during the accident.

That’s what happened to Helions Airlines flight 522. In August 2005, the plane was to fly from Larnaca, Cyprus, to Prague, Czech Republic.

After leaving Larnaca, the plane will stop in Athens, Greece, before continuing to Prague.

A test that can even cause problems

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Examinations That Even Bring Problems via

The plane in question got to Larnaca on August 14 at half past two in the morning, local time. When the plane arrived, it was checked out and refueled to take people to Prague on time.

When he had just gotten to Larnaca, Cyprus, from London, England, the plane door was closed, according to the flight schedule. friends also say they hear a strange sound coming from the plane’s back door while flying.

The airplane technicians then checked to see if the plane had leaked. When they checked, they switched the air pressure system on the plane from “Auto” to “Manual.” The goal is to check the air pressure without turning on the plane’s engine.

When the check is done, the plane is given the green light to fly again. But the mechanic for the plane forgot to put the air pressure control system back to “Auto.”

On the same day, the plane finally took off at 9 am and flew to Athens, then Prague. When the plane took off from Larnaca, there were 121 people on board. There were 115 guests and 6 people working on the ship.

After a few minutes, the plane flew into Greek airspace. Here’s where things start to get strange. When the communications officer at the Athens airport tried to talk to the plane’s pilot by radio, the pilot did not answer.

The plane will land at the airport in Athens at 10:45 local time. But instead of going to the airport in Athens, the plane flew around randomly near the city.

Fighter Plane Stopped a Passenger Plane

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When the Greek Air Force realized something was wrong, they sent two F-16 fighter planes to where the plane was at 11 o’clock local time. When the two planes were close to the Helios plane, the fighter pilot used the radio to try talking to the pilot.

The fighter pilot flew next to the Helios plane because he hadn’t received a return message. He wanted to find out if anything strange was happening on the plane.

The pilot was so shocked when he looked inside the Helios plane. The reason is that gas masks look like they are hanging over each seat, but no one is wearing their masks. The people sitting in their seats didn’t seem to move at all.

The fighter pilot then looked at the cockpit or the room where the plane’s controls were. There, he saw that the pilot wasn’t in his seat and that the co-pilot looked like he was sleeping in his.

Even stranger, the fighter pilot saw a man walk into the control room wearing a breathing mask.

Before going into the wheelhouse, the person seemed to wave at the fighter pilot with his hand.

A woman came into the wheelhouse not long after that. Then, all of a sudden, the engine on the plane’s left wing caught fire. The plane began to sway to the left, and then it started to fly down until it hit a hill in Grammatik.

The crash spot was far from a heavily populated area, so no one on the ground was hurt. But everyone on the ship has to die. Friends of, this event also turned into the plane crash with the most lives in Greece.

A thief takes over Helio’s plane?

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The fact that this happened then brings up a lot of questions. Is it possible that the plane was taken over by someone who wasn’t the pilot because someone else was seen driving it? But if someone took over the plane, why did it crash in a place where no one was? Who are the men and women paired up in the changing room?

After a team of experts looked into the black box with the Helios aircraft’s wheelhouse recordings, they could answer the questions.

Based on the study of the recording, it seems that the Helios aircraft is having trouble getting enough oxygen inside because the pressure control system has not been set back to “Auto.”

All the people on the plane lost awareness because there wasn’t enough oxygen. But the plane hadn’t fallen because the pilot had turned on autopilot mode before it fell apart.

So, why didn’t some men and women faint when other people did? The man turned out to be Andreas Prodomou, and the woman was Haris Charalambous, who was dating Andreas at the time.

Andreas is known to know a lot about flying because he has a British pilot’s license, but he has never flown a Boeing-type of plane. When everyone on the Helios plane fell asleep simultaneously, Andreas and his girlfriend put on breathing masks quickly.

Then, they went to the cockpit to save the plane and its people. But Andreas didn’t know how to land the plane safely because he didn’t know how to use the plane’s equipment.

Andreas then changed the plane’s flight path so it didn’t fly over places with many people. This cut down on the number of people who died. When the plane’s left engine runs out of fuel, the engine catches fire, and the plane can no longer fly. The plane crashed, killing everyone on board.

This event also means that Helios Airways cannot stay in business. The reason is that just one year after this happened, the Cypriot government froze the Helios Airways company and took all its assets.

People often call the Helios plane crash the “ghost plane crash.” Before the plane crashed, it had been flying without a pilot, which was meant to last for hours. It seems like a ghost has taken over the plane and is flying it.

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