This man was threatened with jail and kept his mother’s body at home for 13 years.

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Experienced in journalism for 10 years, and happy to be able to share the latest information, I started this site as my inspiration to get the latest information, I hope this information can also be useful for you, Indonesian – Most of the time, a corpse is preserved to keep its appearance, to make it look like it is still alive so that the people there can easily recognize and understand the last parting. What happens if the body is kept alive because someone can’t accept that a loved one has died?

A Polish man did have this happen to him. This brave 76-year-old man kept his dead mother’s body and put it on his couch at home. In Radlin (76), Marian L. uses chemicals that can kill bacteria and other tiny organisms that speed up decay.

Even though there were different reasons for preserving the bodies, this man’s actions went against both religious beliefs and the law. After the police let the man go, he was threatened with jail time.

A man in Poland who can’t accept that his mother is dead has to go to jail because he told the police that she pickled her dead mother’s body and put it on her couch at home. Siakapkeli’s website says that the police in Radlin, Poland, found a “mummified” body in the home of a man named Marian L.

This event wasn’t talked about until the sister-in-law got pregnant. The body of the 76-year-old man’s mother was found propped up on a couch by piles of newspapers. It had been there since 2009. Prosecutors said that this woman had been thought to be dead and buried for more than 13 years.

A spokesperson for the local police, Malgorzata Koniarsk, said: “We heard that the remains of a family member who owns the apartment were left out in the open.

“The police are at UI now. Rogozina in Radlin. A mummified body was found in the part of the house that belonged to an old man “Malgorzata added.

Died in January 2010

This man was threatened with jail and kept his mother's body at home for 13 years.

The District Attorney’s Office’s Joanna Smorczewska said: “DNA tests showed that the mummified body was that of a woman named Jadwiga L, who had died in January 2010. She gave birth to the man.

“The grave of Jadwiga L, buried on January 16, 2010, was empty.

Joanna said about the discovery, “It’s possible that the man dug up his mother’s body right after she was buried, preserved her, and kept her in the house since 2010.”

It is thought that Marian L dug up the body and took it back to his barn, only 300 meters from where it was buried.

Marian also uses chemicals to keep her mom’s body from decomposing. Officials said the body was in “perfect condition,” even though it had been buried more than 13 years ago.

Chief District Attorney Marcin Felstynski said:

“Everything points to the fact that the man’s body must have been preserved with some kind of chemical.

“One thing you can smell is the smell of bug spray,” said Marcin.

After being found last February, the woman’s body has been buried again.

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