This mother gives birth to three children on the same day, separated by three years.

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Experienced in journalism for 10 years, and happy to be able to share the latest information, I started this site as my inspiration to get the latest information, I hope this information can also be useful for you A woman in the Philippines made headlines when she showed the birth certificates of her three children.

They were all born on January 27, but three years separated them.

Uncle Faye Hazel Cabaero, who is from the province of Laguna in the Philippines, said that they had never planned or hoped for it, but that they were lucky to have it.

“Our children are born on January 27th every three years. That’s the only date my uterus seems to know, “Arab News took a quote from what Cabaero wrote in his Facebook post.

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In the same post, he showed the official birth certificates of his children, who were born in 2017, 2020, and 2023.

Her uncle and his wife said they never chose a date, and they were very clear that all of their children were born through the womb.

Herbert Cabaero, Pamn’s husband, said, “There is no cheating here; everything is done the right way.”

Such blessings don’t happen very often. The Guinness World of Records says that five children were born on the same day.

In an earlier tweet, he said, “The odds of this happening are about 17.7 billion to one.”

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