This woman is happy that her lover gave her a “Light” necklace instead of gold or diamonds.

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Experienced in journalism for 10 years, and happy to be able to share the latest information, I started this site as my inspiration to get the latest information, I hope this information can also be useful for you Women love jewelry, which is not a secret. People often want things like gold, diamonds, and gems. There are also different kinds, like pretty bracelets, necklaces, and rings. So it makes sense that women will be happy to get the jewelry they want, unlike the story that went viral about a woman who was happy with just a light necklace.

SCMP says a Chinese man made a “necklace” for his girlfriend from a stencil and a light. Because it is so different, this necklace of light has gotten much attention on the Internet. The man, whose last name was Zhang and from the province of Zhejiang in east China, said that his girlfriend was waiting for a surprise from him.

After two days, Zhang told her the gifts were coming. The woman is also asked to wear a nice outfit and be ready to go when the surprise gift arrives. Zhang then brought him the surprise he had been waiting for in a box.

But instead of gold or diamonds, the surprise box contained a piece of paper with a stenciled design. Still, the woman was happy to find out that the piece of paper was a one-of-a-kind “jewel.” His story is told in the South China Morning Post on Thursday, March 2, 2023, and is summarized on

Intricate necklace motif paper carving

This woman is happy that her lover gave her a Light necklace instead of gold or diamonds.1
Unique Necklace of Light (Source: SCMP)

Zhang said that cutting small holes in the paper to make the shape of the necklace took two days. The carving is hard to make and needs to be calculated with the light in mind. Still, after the Chinese couple tried it, everything paid off.

Then they went outside, where Zhang put the paper under a light, which made a complicated “necklace” appear around her neck. A flash of light from the necklace image went to the neck of the lover. The light necklace looks great with the special clothes that are being worn.

Zhang agrees that this gift seems to make his girlfriend happy. Even though it wasn’t made of gold or diamonds, the light necklace made them fall even more in love. Many people on the Internet were surprised by Zhang’s story about the gift he gave to his girlfriend.

Netizen reaction

This woman is happy that her lover gave her a Light necklace instead of gold or diamonds.2
Unique Necklace of Light (Source: SCMP)

Zhang posted a video of a necklace on the Douyin platform. The video has been seen over 62 million times, and people have left nearly 40,000 comments. SCMP has put together a summary of these comments.

“What a great idea! It’s the only one ever made!” wrote a fan hooked on glow necklaces.

Someone else joked, “Even though he drew her a big cake, it’s a cultural cake.” Drawing a big cake is a common way for people in mainland China to say that they will not keep their word.

“That light necklace is too pretty. He didn’t spend any money, but he did spend a lot of time and work on it. “He’s very romantic,” a third person added.

Someone else said, “The light will go out, but the love will last forever.”

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