Transgender Men in India Get Pregnant and Give Birth to Babies

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In the state of Kerala in India, a transgender couple delivers their child at a government hospital in the city of Kozhikode.

According to an article published by Outlook India, it is thought that this is the first incidence of a transgender man in India being pregnant and delivering a child in the country.

Ziya Paval made the announcement in a post that he posted on Instagram last week, which was published by World of Buzz. In the post, he stated that his partner Zahhad was eight months pregnant.

Zahhad is a lady in her own right, but she can change into a man.

Since then, the snapshot of her pregnant self that she uploaded on social media has gone viral.

“We will make his desire of becoming a mother come true, and we will make his dream of becoming a father come true as well.” Ziya claimed in one of her Instagram postings that the fetus, which is now eight months old, may be found in Zahhad’s stomach.

The female reproductive organs, including the uterus and the ovaries, are the primary factors that determine whether or not a woman will become pregnant, as is the case with this really unusual pregnancy, which is actually pretty simple to comprehend.

Zahhad, being transsexual, has not had her uterus removed.

If these organs are preserved, a transgender woman who has transitioned from a biological female to a biological male is capable of carrying a pregnancy to term.

When Ziya and Zahhad first became pregnant as men, they were both taking hormone therapy to complete their transitions.

In addition, Zahhad was going through breast removal therapy; however, she stopped going when she became pregnant. The pair would want to express their gratitude to both their families and their physicians for all of the assistance they have given them during their time spent living together.

Source: WorldofBuzz

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