Unique Facts About Manchester United that People Rarely Know

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Newslatestworld.comFor those who like football, Manchester United (MU) is definitely not a foreign name. This English club is one of the most famous clubs in the world.

Despite its reputation as one of the biggest clubs in England, some facts about Manchester United are generally not known. The following are the facts.

The club known as MU also exists outside England.

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People immediately imagine MU as a football club based in Manchester, England. Did you know that Manchester United is not the only football team that uses the name Manchester United?

There are clubs outside England that have used the same name as MU. The club is now called Manchester 62, but before 2013, it was called Manchester United.

Manchester 62 football club is based in Gibraltar, a small landmass in southern Spain. Gibraltar is politically part of the UK, although it is far away.

Gibraltar is mostly inhabited by British people because it is still part of England. Therefore, some people in Gibraltar decided to set up a new football club with the same name as the English-based club MU.

The club was officially founded as Manchester United in 1962. The founders of the Gibraltar MU club had asked MU manager Sir Matt Busby permission before they could use the name without causing problems.

Because Gibraltar is a small country, MU Gibraltar only plays as an amateur club. Furthermore, they have never participated in the official football tournaments held by the governing body for European football, known as UEFA.

The situation eventually changed after Gibraltar was accepted as a member of UEFA in 2013. To prevent confusion because the two clubs shared the name MU, the Gibraltar club changed its name to Manchester 62.

It turns out that Manchester United’s richest manager is not an English.

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MU is one of the most successful clubs in England because it has won many Premier League trophies and won the Champions League three times in Europe.

When Sir Alex Ferguson served as MU manager from 1984 to 2013, MU experienced a glorious era with many titles.

Of particular interest is the fact that Ferguson hails from Scotland rather than England. England and Scotland are territories of the United Kingdom (UK). However, England and Scotland are considered different countries in football, as they each have their respective leagues and national teams.

Therefore, it is unsurprising that Ferguson coached a Scottish club like St. Paul’s. Mirren and Aberdeen before taking over as coach of Manchester United.

As a coach, Ferguson led Aberdeen to win the Scottish League and the European Cup Winners’ Cup. In 1986, United appointed Ferguson as their new manager after being impressed with his abilities.

Ferguson’s appointment has proven to be the right choice. He changed the culture of the Manchester United squad from a team that used to get drunk into a disciplined and hardworking team.

Despite being Manchester United coach since 1986, Ferguson won his first trophy as MU manager in 1990, which was the FA Cup.

Finally, Manchester United won the Premier League in 1993. After that, title after title continued to come to MU’s trophy cabinet. In Europe, MU has won the Champions League twice, in 1999 and 2008.

After winning the English League in 2013, Ferguson decided to retire. Since retiring, MU has never won the Premier League again.

One of the Worst Plane Accidents in Europe Has Ever Happened to MU

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1958 was one of the worst years for MU and European football. MU became the victim of a plane crash that killed many people.

In a match in Belgrade, now the capital of Serbia, on 5 February 1958, Manchester United faced Red Star Belgrade. This was the beginning of the tragic events that befell MU.

The match was one of several matches in the quarter-finals of the Champions Cup. The game ended in a 3-3 draw, but not the last.

Due to their victory over Red Star in England a few days earlier with a score of 2-1, Manchester United excelled in terms of aggregate and have the right to advance to the semi-finals of the Champions Cup.

The Manchester United squad returns home by plane after their game against Red Star in Yugoslavia. The plan is for the plane to transit in Munich, Germany, before arriving in England.

Disaster struck when the plane finally arrived in Munich due to heavy snowfall. The plane skidded off the runway and then crashed into the airport fence.

In a disaster During this time, 20 people died, 8 of whom were Manchester United players, and the rest were club staff, journalists, and flight crew. On the other hand, the survivors were seriously injured and needed to be hospitalized.

This Country Has Ever Checked the Manchester United Club Emblem

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MU is known as “The Red Devils” because the team symbol is a red devil holding a trident.

Since 1973, Manchester United has used its own satanic crest to make the club look vicious and feared by its opponents. However, unexpectedly, this iconic symbol also created a new problem.

Iranian television stations do not display the MU emblem, as we have seen. Instead, they feature the United crest with a devil from 1973.

Inside the logo, the devil’s figure is no longer present. The part of the shield that previously featured a demon image now consisted of just three thick, italic-yellow lines.

As one might expect, this was done because Iran banned symbols containing satanic elements. Iran is a country with religious laws.

Therefore, the satanic symbol used by MU is also influenced by him. The local media talk about MU. The MU satanic crest was censored and replaced with an older MU crest. Not long after, netizens living outside Iran gave mixed comments.



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