Unique Things a Referee Has Ever Done in a Football Match

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Newslatestworld.com The referee is an integral element in a football game. If there is no referee, the match can become a fight because each team is unwilling to hold back.

Several matches were also marked by unique moments you may not find in other matches. The following are those moments.

Celebrating Goals

When your favorite team scores a goal, it is common to see players and fans expressing their joy. But what if the one celebrating the goal is the referee? Even though the referee must always be neutral when leading the match.

Mike Dean is the name of a British referee. He has quite a high-profile reputation because he is often trusted to officiate matches in the English Premier League.

One of the matches Mike has refereed is the match between Tottenham and Aston Villa in 2015. In the middle of the match, a Tottenham player named Moussa Dembele scored a goal.

The Tottenham players and supporters immediately expressed their joy in celebrating the goal. At that moment, Mike, who was not far from Villa’s goal, seemed to raise his hand as he ran. As if he was celebrating a goal.

Mike did not deny that he was celebrating Tottenham’s goal at that time. But he did it not because he was biased. Mike admitted that he only felt happy if a goal was created by chance in the match he led.

Mike added that he always tries to enjoy the matches he leads in his own way. For example, when a ball is rolling toward him, Mike will create a small attraction by letting it roll past his feet without touching them.

Mike is known to have been a referee in the Premier League since 2000. Mike worked in a chicken processing factory when he was not a referee.

Red Card To Dog

In a soccer match, physical contact between players is very common. Not infrequently, the physical contact is tough and causes the player to fall to the ground.

If the physical contact is deemed to have exceeded the limit, the referee will consider the incident a violation. It’s not uncommon for referees to issue yellow or even red cards to players who commit excessive violations.

Referees can issue players, coaches, or staff red cards if they interfere with the game. But if the red card is not human, have you ever seen it?

This strange moment really happened in Serbia. In February 2021, there was a friendly match between Radnicki and Kolubara.

The game had to be stopped several times in the middle of the road. Because during the match, there were stray dogs that entered the match several times.

When the dog entered the court for the fourth time, referee Marko Ivkovic decided to act “firmly.” He held up a red card and chased the dog off the field.

When a photo of Marko showing a red card to a dog circulated on the internet, various witty comments were immediately made by netizens.

Regarding the match itself, Kolubara finally came out victorious with a score of 3-0. Maybe the dog is a supporter of the opposing team who doesn’t want to see his team lose

Giving a Round Red Card

Newslatestworld 8 august round red card

Yellow cards and red cards are 2 objects that the referee always carries when leading a match. Although their existence is often controversial, both are very important in keeping matches within safe limits.

A yellow card is given if a player commits a serious violation, while a red card is given if a serious violation exceeds the limit. If a player receives a red card, the player must leave the field and not play until the match ends.

Both yellow cards and red cards are rectangular in shape. Their respective colors can distinguish both.

However, this match is different. Because the referee who led the match used a red card that was round in shape.

The match that gave rise to this unique moment was the English FA Cup match between Wrexham and Sheffield in January 2023.

When the match entered the 71st minute, a Sheffield player named Daniel Jebbison was sent off by the referee. Interestingly, the referee Dean Whitestone issued a red card shaped like a circle.

This moment inevitably attracted the attention of netizens on social media. Because it’s new, they saw the red card used round. What’s more, cards that are round in shape are only red cards. The yellow card used in the match remains a rectangle.

Seeing the crowd that arose, a netizen often active in online forums specifically for referees tried to explain. A round red card is used so that those who are color-blind can tell the difference.

Yellow and red cards, which are different in shape, also help make it easier for the referee to distinguish between them when the card has not been fully issued. In dim light conditions, yellow and red are more difficult to distinguish.

Back to the match. Because some players were sent off, Sheffield had to compete with fewer players. But Sheffield can still breathe a sigh of relief because the match ended with a score of 3-3.

Using the Camera on the Head

Newslatestworld 8 august using camera

The referee is a figure who will always be highlighted in every football match. Because the decision taken by the referee will have a big influence on the course of the game. If the referee makes a controversial decision, the referee will continue to be the subject of discussion after the game.

It’s not uncommon for referees to make controversial decisions because the referee didn’t see the moment that happened clearly. But football fans often don’t want to know. They didn’t try to imagine what the moment would have been like from the referee’s point of view.

Maybe that’s what later became the cause of the idea of installing a camera on the referee. In 2013, referee Hilario Grajeda wore a camera on his head while officiating in a friendly match between the MLS All Stars and AS Roma in the United States.

Thanks to this camera, the audience can see the moments that occur from the referee’s point of view. The same device is also equipped with a mini microphone so spectators can hear what the referee and nearby players say.

In this match, players can see moments such as the referee blowing his whistle, the referee running to and fro following the direction of the ball, to the players approaching the referee to protest against a violation. Roma won the match 3-1.

This camera can no doubt provide a new perspective for the audience so they can understand that referees are human and have to endure tough moments during matches.

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